Luxury Driving Academy


Luxury driving academy is a complete driving school services. We can help customers to obtain a Commercial Driver License and a Auto Driver License in not time. We provide good maintain autos and trucks to make sure you are confortable and pleasant trough out learning process. We are on the field for over 20 years with our instructors who know the business best. comfortable and pleasant trough out the learning process. We have experience in the field for over 20 years, and we are coustemers, our knowledge from are our instructors who know the business best.

We also offer 16 years old program or  first time drivers. Our method is easy and friendly, to give our students the best experience during the process.

We are a socially responsible company that cares about the people and environment we all live in. We are using very efficient fuel for our trucks and cars to contribute to the big pollution problem and help to do less emission. Also, we have a sustainable plan to become a green company in 2024.

In addition, it is essential to mention that we have many years of experience in the transportation business. We have worked in many modes of transportation such as Conestoga, Maritime Ports, Flatbed, Dry van, Refer, and more. Transportation is a huge industry, and many companies are always hiring. We are partners of small and medium size companies in the field to provide them with a driver so you can have a space as soon you get your CDL driver’s license.

Finally we would like you to know that we offering trucking services such as, registrations for  big rigs, apportion plates, Tittles, Dispatching Services, IFTA, HUB and everything related with the trucking Industry.

We are a professional driving school who know the business best …………


To facilitate people obtain a Commercial Driver’s License or a Regular driver’s license, with excellent and top-of-the-market vehicles and Trucks to ensure the quality and safety of each student while in the process.


To be the first driving school in New Jersey to become a Green company by 2024. We plan to have electric cars and trucks to have a pollution-free planet and a valuable and sustainable ecosystem for future generations.